The Desert is the Garden of God

Charles de Foucauld in the Sahara


The Little Brothers and Sisters want to practise their faith "in the midst of life, among the people", following Charles de Foucauld, the monk who lived among the Tuaregs of southern Algeria at the beginning of the 20th century and was shot there in the turmoil of the Tuareg rebellion against the French colonial power. A missionary who wanted to convert by example and "in secret", not by word, "like Jesus in Nazareth". In the Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria, Foucauld built a hermitage at 2700 m above sea level, to this day a place of spiritual retreat. It was also Foucauld who documented the language, everyday life and troubadour culture of the Tuaregs. The film describes the life of Foucauld as well as that of the Christian brotherhood, which today lives in close proximity to the Muslim Tuaregs.



Volker Tittel

Holger Fleig

Petra Knorr

image technology
Eva-Kathrein Adam

sound mixing
Hans-Dieter Desinger

Angelika Bender
Achim Höppner
Detlef Kügow
Hans Jürgen Stockerl

Ines Almanstötter
Fardjallah Moulay Lakhdar
Abdellah Samber
Abdelaziz Touhami
Abdelkader Touhami

commisssioning editor
Martin Posselt

written by
Bettina Ehrhardt
Desiré von Trotha

directed by
Bettina Ehrhardt