I am Your Labyrinth

Wolfgang Rihm. Nietzsche. Dionysos


Composer Wolfgang Rihm writes an artist opera, Friedrich Nietzsche's late hymns to Dionysus, the wild god of the Greeks, serving as inspiration and starting point for his new music theatre. Nietzsche's intoxicating poetry and the ancient myths are condensed into one material for Rihm: "The entire Dionysus Dithyrambs serve as the text, which I read like a kind of theatre work. The text is mine, every word is Nietzsche's." The film documents the process of creating the opera and follows Nietzsche's footsteps in the mountains of Engadin, the poet's adopted home.


Wolfgang Rihm (Komponist)
Martin Kränzle (Bariton)
Pierre Audi (Regisseur)
Jürgen Flimm (Intendant)
Ingo Metzmacher (Dirigent)
Mojca Erdmann (Ariadne)
Jonathan Meese (Bühnenbild)
Lothar Mattner (Nietzsche in Sils Maria)


Anna Crotti
Helmfried Kober
Christian Knöpfle
Hans Albrecht Lusznat
Georg Pircher
Silvio Reichenbach

film editing
Carolle Alain
Walter Sailer
Johannes Egger
Markus Heiland
Christian Starke
Ralph Bienzeisler

Wolfgang Rihm

commissioning editor
Lothar Mattner

written and directed by
Bettina Ehrhardt