Markus Hinterhäuser

A Pianist is leading the Salzburg Festival


"I dream of being able to show how I imagine festival performances at the beginning of my Salzburg directorship". As a pianist, Markus Hinterhäuser has already played the most important concert halls and the most renowned music festivals. Since 2020 he has been organising one of them himself: the Salzburg Festival. 

The film portrays the pianist and artistic director Markus Hinterhäuser, whose 2017 festival programme is a very personal statement, poetic and political at the same time. Markus Hinterhäuser tells the story of how ideas were condensed into the programme in cooperation with the artists, in encounters with Peter Sellars, Shirin Neshat, Teodor Currentzis, William Kentridge, Matthias Goerne, Igor Levit. He hopes for the audience to become a curious counterpart to whom the spark is transferred.


Hans Albrecht Lusznat
Anna Crotti
Holger Fleig
Georg Pircher Verdorfer

Ariane Pellini

music recording management

sound engineer
Reinhard Prosser
Martin Gamperl

music recording management
Helmut Scharinger
Georg Obermayer

Carolle Alain

color correction
Michael Radeck
Bernd Rillich

sound mixing
Nico Krebs

Wozzek drawings
William Kentridge

Clärchen Baus
Wolfgang Kirchner
Stefan Lang
Grazia Lissi
Pier Paolo Mariotti
Helmut Schaffler
Abisag Tüllmann
Ruth Walz

commisssioning editor
Lothar Mattner, WDR
Sabine Muller, Arte

produced by 
Idéale Audience

in co-production with 
Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

written and directed by
Bettina Ehrhardt